Thoughts on "Boring" MMA Fights: A Chess Analogy

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    Thoughts on "Boring" MMA Fights: A Chess Analogy Empty Thoughts on "Boring" MMA Fights: A Chess Analogy

    Post  Head Explode Sports on Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:06 pm

    You and I are going to play a chess game under very special conditions...If you lose, you'll be paid less and have less opportunities for big matches against notable opponents. You'll also be derided and outright mocked, not by your fellow players, but by the legions of chess "fans" who are quick to speak with tones of authority about what you should have done despite knowing very little about strategy and in many cases, having never even played the game themselves.

    It rather irritates me when TUF bandwagon riding "fans" of MMA bash fighters for being "boring" or overly defensive. If you've never trained a day in your life, are you really qualified to call trained killers who fight other trained killers in a cage for a living pussies? The consequences of losing an MMA fight extend beyond defeat; it's not like missing a game winning shot in an NBA game. You're gambling with the clarity of your thought.

    I've been needing to vent on this issue for a while now. smoke

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