Unit 731: The Horrors of the Asian Auschwitz


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    Unit 731: The Horrors of the Asian Auschwitz Empty Unit 731: The Horrors of the Asian Auschwitz

    Post  Maugrim on Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:25 pm

    Through the practice of lethal human experimentation, the unit is thought to have been responsible for the death of up to 200,000 civilians and military personnel – the vast majority Chinese and Korean nationals.

    In the sprawling six kilometer-square complex in the city of Harbin (now part of Northeast China) those behind the sickening ‘research’ developed some of the most cruel and sadistic experiments ever to be conducted on human victims. These included vivisection, amputations, germ warfare tests, explosive weapons testing, and much more.

    Organs were removed from test subjects while they were still alive so that decomposition would not alter the results as was feared might happen.

    The brains behind the unit, Shiro Ishii, lived in peace and quiet to the ripe old age of 67, when he died of throat cancer. The United States felt that the research into germ warfare was too valuable to lose and so cut a deal with the Japanese.

    By granting immunity to Ishii and the other scientists working under him, the US wanted to ensure that no other nation would lay its hands on their research into bio-warfare. However, the Soviets did glean a certain amount of information after prosecuting 12 leaders and scientists from Unit 731 in war crimes trials held in 1949.


    I find it sad that the US actually honoured the immunity deal with Shiro Ishii and put him on on government payroll.. Considering all the regime changes the CIA has helped orchestrate you'd think they'd be able to stomach breaking a deal with at least the ringleader.

    On the flip-side considering the US didn't sign the Geneva Accord on biological weapons till 1975 at least they weren't breaking it as the Soviets were.

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