Homemade boat nearly through NW Passage


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    Homemade boat nearly through NW Passage Empty Homemade boat nearly through NW Passage

    Post  Maugrim on Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:37 pm

    YELLOWKNIFE, Northwest Territories, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- A Russian crew aboard a boat made with bamboo, rope and duct tape has nearly completed its journey through Canada's Northwest Passage, a crew member said.

    The homemade boat, "Rus," which is about 25 feet long, was southwest of Victoria Island crossing from Nunavut into Northwest Territories waters, crew member Aleksey Skripov said by satellite phone, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

    The four sailors are making the journey as part of the Orion Expedition, a multiyear, round-the-world, trans-arctic trip.

    Since leaving St. Petersburg, Russia, a few months ago, they have sailed through the Baltic and North seas and across the Atlantic Ocean, the CBC said.

    A Mountie who saw the craft last month in Clyde River, Nunavut, said the boat looked like something out of "Gilligan's Island."


    Hats off to these guys. They've got some nerve navigating the Northwest Passage in a boat made out of bamboo. I'm sure Red Green would approve of this vessel

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