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    BJ Snowden

    Post  Tezcatlipoca on Sat Dec 21, 2013 2:16 am

    I went to an open mic night at Newbury Comics back in 2004 where I listened to the worst singer I have ever heard in my life. She was so bad I actually jammed my index fingers into my ears while I shopped for CDs. It literally sounded like someone was strangling a cat and her keyboard playing was just as bad. She didn't have a band so she just used a boombox with the instrumentals to her song on CD as musical accompaniment, but she played so out of sync and sang so out of key I actually thought she might be high. I asked the store clerk "LOL, who is this broad?" and he said her name was BJ Snowden.

    She only performed three songs but In Canada was one of them and she sang it five times in a row. She closed it with "I was a school teacherrrrrrrrrrrr in—where? IN CANADA!!!!!"

    9 years later I randomly googled her name and saw she made Jimmy Fallon's "DO NOT PLAY" list. Well hey, at least she was on TV.

    Edit: Oh shit, she's on Spotify too. Awesome.

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    That is fantastic.

    And that's all I've got to say about that.

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