Dick Tator declares a feud


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    Dick Tator declares a feud Empty Dick Tator declares a feud

    Post  Maugrim on Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:11 pm

    Unlike Snouter
    I have several IPs to choose from. Indeed, I am posting this from the Netherlands. I think I will spend tomorrow registering several new email addresses and accounts so that I can be quicker as they become banned.

    However I would like to take this moment to inquire as to my ban. It said to refer to the last infraction which was an infraction for "inappropriate language". I am wondering what is inappropriate about the word "whore" considering much worse is said here. Is it perhaps because it was directed at your mother, Siv? Aw, someone has hurt little feelings. Funny. But as I am to understand it, insulting a non-member is perfectly OK.

    Indeed, even insulting MEMBERS is OK if the member is someone you don't like, isn't that right, SivV? If that wasn't the case, then the people who continually trash Snouter would have been banned weeks/months ago. But you approve of such behavior as is expressed towards him. Why? Is it because he's not a Zionist? Or is it because he's not a liberal fag? Whatever the reason, you've proven both your childishness and your inability to be impartial.

    Oh, and for ever sock of mine you ban, for every thread you lock/delete, for every post I make and every thread I thank... It's just one more victory for me and a big FUCK YOU to SivVulk. While it will only take a few seconds of your time, it will create more chaos than actually having Dick Tator here.

    Prepare for the Era of the Dick Tator Socks.

    At least until you Free Dic

    Clearly his obsession with DA is worse than I thought. It's a shame he feels the need to do this rather than just suck it up and become a permanent resident of Debate anything. For as long as he keeps up the sock accounts his main account will never be restored. Clearly he lacks the intelligence to realize this or is much too confident that his opponents will cave before he does.

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